About Asilah Spanish

About Asilah Spanish

Foreign language skills are vital in today’s global economy. Language proficiency improves productivity and overall job performance. Employees who receive language training become more confident, perform better and feel rewarded and more engaged in their work because their company invested in their personal and professional growth.

We believe that absolutely anyone can learn Spanish!

The new way of learning, individually and at your own pace, from any location where there is access to the internet. Learn Spanish in a proficient, personal and communicative way in our Virtual Campus, guided by qualified Spanish native teachers in Spain, using the newest teaching tools and techniques.

About us

The Spanish Language School Centro de Enseñanza de Español was founded in 1996, and located in the South of Spain. After successfully, and with much pleasure, helping many students from all over the world to learn Spanish or English (Spanish speakers) for leisure and professional purposes, we noticed during recent years that the market (and the demand) was changing.

Over time we received more and more requests for our courses to be delivered online, from our clients, but also from educational institutions and companies.

We decided it was time to reflect on the changes and consider following a different strategy. With our team of qualified Spanish native teachers, and along with the help of a professional company for the technical part, we created a beautiful digital Campus. We are very happy to now be able to serve many more people worldwide, and let them profit from our way of teaching, with the guidance of our qualified and experienced teachers.

As it has always been the case, we put a lot of effort in giving each student as much personal attention and support as possible, to assure he or she will succeed in learning Spanish and follow through until they finish the course. One or two times a week the student will connect with his or her Spanish teacher online, who will evaluate what had to be studied that week, and help with the pronunciation. The student will also be guided offline, using chats, forums, and email, and by sending in small tasks and tests (written and/or spoken) that will be corrected by the teacher.

Our courses are integrated into a user-friendly learning environment, with a clear GUI (graphical user interface) and fluid browsing. The students can access all the contents in various contexts and situations (ubiquitous learning), using a computer or laptop. This way the student can be the master of his own progression.

Why choose our Language Courses?

The advantages:

  • Learn to speak, understand, write and read Spanish fast in a personal & proficient way
  • Personal online evaluations with your Spanish native teacher to evaluate your results, send feedback, help you with the pronunciation, and to keep you motivated and disciplined during the course
  • Access to Virtual Campus with interactive learning materials, forums, chat, email, calendar, library
  • A pleasant modern communicative method
  • You can learn in your own time and pace
  • You can start as a complete beginner, but also participate if you already have knowledge of the language
  • Free online introduction with your teacher to determine your level, and learn about the campus, before signing up for a course
  • Native Spanish teachers in Spain who speak English (Business Spanish courses)
  • Native English teachers in Spain who speak Spanish (Business English courses)
  • For students worldwide, from any place where there is access to the internet
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