An efficient Business Spanish language learning solution for your international team!

The language course includes all the words, phrases, and terminology your team members will need to overcome the language barrier in your business sector. Based on relevant insight about your company and the situations where you need to use your target language we will design a bespoke business language course to suit your team.

The programs include private classes online with a qualified native teacher in Spain scheduled at times convenient to the student. The learning materials in a digital environment are created by our teachers designed to fit the level, profession, and business objectives.

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Foreign language skills are vital in today’s global economy. Language proficiency improves productivity and overall job performance. Employees who receive language training become more confident, perform better, and feel rewarded and more engaged in their work because their company invested in their personal and professional growth.

It’s reported that workers save an average of three hours or more weekly because of improved language skills. These wasted hours are likely spent with language translation or resolving problems caused by miscommunication amongst colleagues or between employees and their bosses. Language proficiency improves productivity and overall job performance.

Whether your global company is based in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country, your international team members will strongly benefit, both professionally and socially, from learning and improving their knowledge of Spanish language skills. While your staff members obviously have a busy schedule, they will very much appreciate the convenience and flexibility our programs offer to learn in their pace and time.

Native teachers

Our teachers are qualified native instructors who are based in Spain. Your team members will learn how to speak the language the way it’s officially spoken. The students are able to learn at their own pace with the course contents in their online learning environment and added customized materials provided by their teacher to meet their goals and specific learning needs.

The content and format of the business language course will depend on the profession and objectives of each of your participating team members, and the current proficiency in Spanish. Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, all our courses include the required listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as a strong focus on communication skills. All materials are created by experienced teachers according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning.

Our team consists of carefully selected native Spanish teachers who are official DELE trainers and examiners accredited by Instituto Cervantes (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language).

» Read more about the Business Spanish Courses

Whether it’s improving employee retention and engagement or earning customer satisfaction and loyalty, it’s undeniable that language education will positively impact businesses immediately, and in the future.

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