Legal Spanish

Legal Spanish

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60 (intensive) or 120 online private classes with a qualified Spanish teacher (50 minutes)
2-4 hours self-study each week

This course is directed to law professionals in general and, more specifically, to lawyers, legal secretaries, civil servants, solicitors, interpreters and translators, as well as law students in their final years.

Knowing Spanish legal terms will increase your job prospects. Whether you want to work with Spanish-speaking clients or work in international law, your knowledge of Spanish will come in handy. Even if a job doesn’t require it, it’s still a skill that many employers will find a very desirable skill.

A skill that will increase the number of people you can serve. Even if a client speaks fluent English, he/she may be more comfortable being able to communicate in Spanish. Legal proceedings are stressful, and it is easiest to speak in the language you’re most comfortable with. Therefore, many clients may seek out legal professionals who can speak their language.

If your firm does not offer services in Spanish, these clients may look for another firm that does. However, if you’re willing to learn, your law firm can start marketing to Spanish-speaking customers. This can significantly increase the number of clients interested in your services.


According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this course is aimed at students with levels B2, C1 and C2.


  1. The legal language. Bodies of law. The adversarial and inquisitorial systems. Types of law. Types of court.
  2. Company law. Company formation and management. Fundamental changes in a company.
  3. Company law. Contract formation and remedies.
  4. Transnational commercial law.
  5. Intellectual property law. Patents, trademarks and copyrights.
  6. Real property law.
  7. Criminal law.
  8. Employment law.
  9. Private law. Family. Inheritance.
  10. Tax law.

After finishing the course you will have a solid foundation on the Spanish legal system and you will find that your Spanish has improved.

The classes are given by a lawyer; a professional very knowledgeable linguist. the language used will contemplate not only Spanish from Spain, but also Spanish from Latin America.


10 hours 1 person          € 400,-

60 hours 1 person         €  1.350,-
120 hours 1 person       €  2.700,-

60 hours 2 persons       €  1.080,-
120 hours 2 persons     €  2.160,-

60 hours 3 persons      €   930,-
120 hours 3 persons    €  1.860,-

Prices are per person

The courses can be combined with regular Spanish classes online with qualified teachers (ELE/DELE) to improve your general knowledge of the language (A1-C2).

Conversation course
DELE preparation course


Incentive to Spain – price on request.


  • A visit to a Spanish court to attend a trial, followed by a visit to a law office to talk to a lawyer about any desired legal subject.
  • City trip.


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