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Business English

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Business English programs that will boost your career. For entrepreneurs, sales & marketing managers and professionals.

1. Business English for entrepreneurs

This course is specially designed for Spanish entrepreneurs who want to start or take over a global company in Spain, or entrepreneurs considering business development and/or expansion.

This course allows you to improve your business English and entrepreneurial skills. The course not only focuses on language acquisition but also on skill development including presentations, negotiation and use of business English. This will enable you to participate confidently across different cultures and develop new opportunities in international business.

2. Business English for professionals

Are you dreaming of an international career in a global workplace and clear conversations with future colleagues? For those who want to succeed in today’s global workplace, this Business English course develops the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need to advance confidently in your chosen career.

A tailor-made course specially designed for executives and professionals interested in acquiring the specific vocabulary of business, finance, and economics. Students who seek to improve their professional skills fast and effectively and need the flexibility to choose their schedule and content. Whether you are looking to better your presentation skills, gain the local business vocabulary or improve your conversation skills in social business settings, this program provides you with the time and content flexibility to do so.

3. Business English – International Trade

This course is specially designed for executives,  professionals, and diplomats interested in pursuing a career in international trade organizations and diplomatic services.

A high standard program in international economic and commercial relations. The program provides the English skills you need to understand international business practices and business management, and focuses on strengthening your business writing, presentation, meeting, negotiation, and listening skills.


10, 60 or 120 online classes (50 min.) with a qualified and experienced English teacher

  • Learning materials and feedback will be provided by email
  • Required level of English: B1 (intermediate) – C2 (advanced).
  • In case the knowledge of the student is not sufficient we recommend starting with a conversation course

Students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with and learn, specific vocabulary and a variety of activities dealing with topics such as :

  • The Company: definition and types of companies.
  • Creation of a company.
  • Organization of a company.
  • Human resources
  • Financial aspects
  • Commercial activities: products and prices.
  • Commercial activities: communication and distribution.
  • Commercial activities: types of agreements.
  • International aspects of commercial activities.
  • Import and export.
  • Documents and payment methods
  • Taxes and Social Security
  • Accounting
  • Obtaining NIE document (Spanish Identity Card)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Registration at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce
  • Obtaining CIF or NIF number (tax)
  • Help writing a business plan
  • Contracts (employment, lease, etc.)
  • Buying or leasing business premises
  • Cultural aspects
  • Required certificates

The course will provide the four major skills:

  • Listening comprehension of formal and informal spoken dialogues
  • Speaking in formal and informal situations, commenting on relevant events and topics, evaluating and analyzing facts of interest.
  • Writing essays, letters, and comments on specific topics, events.
  • Reading comprehension of contemporary texts from press and literature covering
  • a wide range of contents.

After completing the course the student will receive a certificate.


10 private classes  €  349,-

60 classes 1 person        €  1.230,-
120 classes 1 person       €  2.460,-

60 classes 2 persons       €  960,-
120 classes 2 persons     €  1.920,-

60 classes 3 persons      €   810,-
120 classe 3 persons     €  1.620,-

Prices are per person

The courses can be combined with regular English classes online with qualified teachers to improve your general knowledge of the language (A1-C2).

Conversation course
DELE preparation course

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