Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers
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The courses have been developed for children (9-11 years), teenagers (11-16 years) & adults (16+ years)

What is the purpose of the courses?

Our courses are available for everybody who wants to learn the language in an efficient and easy-going manner, both for leisure and professional purposes.

What is the meaning of learning the language in a Professional and Personal way?

Our courses are developed in a professional way, by a team of qualified and experienced Spanish native teachers, and follow the guide lines of the famous Instituto Cervantes.

The courses are also offered in a personal way, because each student will be guided by his or her qualified personal teacher during one-on-one online evaluations, and contact by chat. The students is also able to place questions in the forum integrated in the online campus. The questions will be answered by our team on a daily basis.

How does the online platform work?

The student will receive a personal log-in code by email. It is not necessary to download any CD’s or a program. Within the campus the student will get access to interactive learning materials (texts, video’s, photo’s, podcasts, lyrics and games), the campus forum, where he or she can place questions in Spanish, English, German, French or Dutch the chat function to leave a personal message to the teacher, and an online library with documents and articles, uploaded by the Spanish teachers.

How do the Online Evaluations take place?

First the student has to study the assigned materials for each lesson. After studying the lesson the student schedules an online evaluation with his or her personal Spanish teacher in the campus calendar, within the chosen time frame. The online evaluation needs to be scheduled minimum one week in advance. After the evaluation the student will receive feedback by email, along with the corrected assignments.

How will my level be determined before starting the Spanish course?

The student can fill out our online leveltest (*link*) so our team can determine the level. The student will receive this information by email, without any strings attached. If the student is interested to sign up for one of the courses, we will schedule a free intake (online chat) with the teacher to get a bettter insight on the level and knowledge of the student, and the student will get a clear explanation of the Campus (can be in English).

Is any specific knowledge required to use the campus?

No, our campus is very user-friendly, and does not require any specific knowledge.

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