General Information

General Information

Digital Campus

The student will get access to their personal learning environment where he or she will find:

  • Interactive learning materials (animated, highly visual presentations, texts, videos, photos, podcasts, quizzes, online workshops, and tests)
  • Online Library
  • Forum & Chat
  • Lists with vocabulary
  • Online Calendar to schedule the online evaluations with the teacher


  • Personal Computer
  • Access to educational platform
  • Speakers & Camera

Our educational platform allows students to:

  • Be in touch with their teacher and take an active part in the Forum and Chat, to send direct messages and ask questions
  • Access grammatical documents and explanatory pictures of specific grammatical topics at the online library
  • Realize interactive vocabulary exercises, perform written tasks, and create podcasts
  • View educational videos in order to consolidate contents
  • Learn about the Spanish and Latin American culture and history, along with useful expressions

The Spanish native teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching Spanish as a second language online, speak fluent English, and at least one other foreign language.


What Does the Online Classroom Look Like?

Our philosophy for designing online courses: use the latest technology to best deliver the content in the most flexible way while keeping the technology transparent to you.

We use one centralized platform where you can log into your classroom. There you can get assignments, interact with the teacher, reply to message boards, and more.

Our courses are created in partnership with our instructional designers to ensure a learning experience that is tailored to the subject matter and the expected learning outcomes. We approach the development of our online courses very seriously so that they mirror the exact same quality content as you would find at a physical educational institute.

To help you prepare for the online course, we provide a document with instructions and explanatory videos.


How Do I Interact with my personal teacher?

We strive to provide a variety of mainstream technology tools so that you can interact easily with your teacher. These include:

  • Online media for the online evaluations (within the campus) or by Skype
  • Email & Chat
  • Discussion forums


What is the Time Commitment?

Students enrolled in one of our courses have reported spending approximately 2 to 3 hours per week for the regular course and 4-5 hours per week for themed and intensive courses.


Our contents Spanish for beginners Level A1

The A1 level accredits the sufficient linguistic competence to understand and use daily expressions frequently used in any part of the Spanish-speaking world, aimed at satisfying immediate needs; asking and giving basic personal information about yourself and daily life, and interacting on a basic level with speakers, whenever they are speaking slowly and clearly and are willing to cooperate.



To achieve all the objectives considered, a series of different skills are dealt with. Virtual Spanish is always guided by the principles shown in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and according to the guidelines of the Instituto Cervantes. Expressions and vocabulary commonly used by Medical staff are integrated into the course materials.

The students have to be able to master different skills included in each one of the levels for the categories: understanding, speaking, and writing. The understanding category includes listening and reading comprehension skills. The speaking category includes oral interaction and oral expression skills and the writing category includes the writing expression skill

Our courses are integrated into a user-friendly learning environment, with a clear GUI (graphical user interface) and fluid browsing. The students can access all the contents in various contexts and situations (ubiquitous learning), using computers, tablets, or even smartphones. This way the student can be the master of his own progression.


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